Student FAQ

How do I get reimbursed for my books?

For reimbursement for books students will need to save all receipts. If the books are rented, simply bring in the receipts and fill out the paperwork. If a student buys the books: 

  1. Try to return the books after the semester to the bookstore for buyback. EHS will refund the difference. Bring both the original receipt and the buyback receipt to fill out paperwork for processing.
  2. If the bookstore does not buy the books back, bring the physical book with your receipt to EHS to complete paperwork for processing.

Students must have a passing grade in courses for reimbursement.

When should I apply for Escanaba High School Priority Scholarships?

Apply for priority scholarships during your 4th year, Senior Year with the rest of the class. These scholarships will be deferred until after your 5th year.

When will my EHS Priority Scholarships be ready for pick up?

EMC students who are awarded Priority Scholarships will be able to pick up the scholarships during August after the 5th year. You must be enrolled in 12 or more credits for the scholarships as stated in the guidebook.

Can I use my Priority Scholarships for summer classes?

Students can used the scholarships for summer semesters if they are enrolled in at least 12 credit hours.  

When should I apply for scholarships at Bay College if I continue there in my 6th year?

Apply for Bay College’s Foundation Scholarships and Board Scholarships during the 5th year. Visit the Bay College Scholarship website for more information.

When should I apply for scholarships at my transfer institution?

Students transferring right after your 5th year, will apply for institution scholarships during the 5th year. Please check individual institutions for deadlines.

When should I apply for FAFSA?

Apply for FAFSA in your 5th year beginning as early as October 1st. Michigan’s deadline is March 1st and the Federal deadline is June 30th.

When will I be issued my High School Diploma?

High School Diplomas will be ready for pick up after June 1st during your 5th year for students who have met all Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements.

I will have Incoming Freshman status at my incoming institution. What does this mean for me?

Students will have the benefit of being eligible for scholarships that are exclusively awarded to incoming Freshman. Students will enjoy the additional benefit of being able to register earlier that traditional incoming Freshman due to accumulated credits. Please note each institution has different requirements regarding required Freshman Orientation and living in on-campus housing. Please check with your individual institution about specific requirements. Select 'EMC Links' at left for some helpful links.

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